October 24, 2019

Second Version

Ernie Leseberg @erniel

The registration system had been used every year since 2011 for WA State titles and Australian Masters championships 2010, 2011, 2012 but not 2013 or 2014, and my involvement in the sport had declined. And it was still a single event system with each new event requiring editing of hard coded values in code and database as there was no admin side. It was likely the system would not be touched again.

In late 2014 I was contacted by the 2015 organisers and asked if the system still existed, and could they use it with some feature requests. Since 2009 a few things had changed. My larger scale web development skills had improved, PHP & code libraries had also improved and Stripe launched in Australia which made the payments side much easier for a small scale system. So I quickly built an improved version which for the first time was hosted under my domain name and not the club. This was the birth of EML Sports as a business name. It was a rushed choice and many years later I am still not convinced on it.

I still lacked the confidence there was a viable business here, so slowly iterated in my spare time as more of a hobby.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Will I be sued for 📱💻🖥️?
    Hey guys. I'm excited to announce one of the most wanted updates ever: realistic devices mockups. Now you can put your screenshots inside one of 13 de
  • Featured on Betalist!
    I submitted Incubator List to Betalist a month ago, and today I woke up w
  • Sent first version to the App Store✌🏼
    It took three weeks from idea to MVP but I feel pretty good about it! I haven’t found any major issues during the two week beta testing, and the produ
  • A Big Upgrade: Released v4.6! YES!
    When I started along the path of developing Snap Search I didn’t think too far down the road. I knew the browser space had a lot of competition, and t
  • Launched YouTube Channel! Learn To Build Web Apps
    I'm super excited to announce the launch of The Gravity Academy YouTube channel and the first of many free videos on building web apps, indie hacking
  • (30Days) Landing page = 1.5ktraffic + 188 signups
    I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. Before I started this new SAAS journey, I always thought signup pages were complete BS and not worthwhile. BOY, was I wrong
  • 1000 YouTube Videos Transcribed
    Over 1000 YouTube Videos Transcribed! Hit 1000 YouTube transcriptions! Ever wish you could quickly read through a long YouTube video? So did I. That's
  • Launched on Product Hunt
    After posting on several subreddits and Frontend developer groups on Facebook. I was really surprised by the appreciation of the pretty extension. I h
  • Implemented payment flow and subscription model
    Having had my nose in stripe documentation for the past week, I have successfully implemented a payments flow! Early adopters can now pay £3 p/m to ac
  • Live on Product Hunt!
    Last week I started a Nocode project Virtual Mojito from scratch. We're on Product Hunt now! Excit