December 25, 2019

Sold 💸

Imed Adel @imedadel

I'm really happy for selling this little project of mine. At first, I didn't think that anyone would be interested in such a tool, but it seems that I was wrong 😊

Sure, it wasn't sold for much, but I think it's enough for me to focus on other bigger projects, starting with SpacedLeet 🧠, which I just launched on the Chrome Web Store (

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    Kudos! Would be interested in how you sold it and how you found your buyer.

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      Thanks Carl :)
      I posted it on 1KProjects and SideProjectors. I got some offers on 1KProjects but I didn't have a Paypal account in order to pay the fee, so eventually, I posted it on SideProjectors, which is free (for now). And that's where I got a really great offer.

      Then we discussed the details, I made an invoice for the customer, they paid me and then I transferred everything to them.

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        Thanks, that's awesome! Just discovered SideProjectors thanks to your comment. Another question maybe: how did you come up with a price ? Related to the MRR? Was it an exit b/c you wanted to focus on something else, or was it just a really good opportunity? I'm not interested in the price itself, but the process you had to reach the conclusion: what would be the price I'm going to sell?

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          I really liked to use my hourly rate to price the product, but that would make it too expensive.
          At the same time, I needed to get some money in order to launch some other products, so I just calculated how much I needed and I asked for that price.
          I kept getting higher bids until someone gave the highest bid so I contacted them, asked for a bit more, they accepted, and we closed the deal :)

          In the future, however, I will take into consideration the income (I had none with this project), clients, and maybe Twitter followers. For this project, I only had backlinks from sites like LifeHacker.

          PS. If you're trying to sell LinuxJobs, a common recommendation that I'm seeing these days is multiplying the monthly income 20~30 times.

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            Thanks a lot for your feedback! I also think next time you should define prices for your assets like Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, etc and add this price to your final price because the assets of a side project can be very interesting by themselves.

            I'm not actively trying to sell LinuxJobs, just taking information with more experienced indie hackers if I had an opportunity in 2020 ;)

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