August 20, 2019

Update 52: Email engagement features

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

New week, new product updates.

Slav has rolled out 2 big features last week:

  1. Reply tracking allows you to take action when people reply to your emails.

For example, you can send follow up emails to people who reply to your nurturing emails.

How it works: When you turn on reply tracking for a specific email, Encharge replaces the “Reply To” address of our emails with an autogenerated address similar to “[email protected]”. Replies received to this address will be tracked and then will be forwarded to you. We will detect and not forward autogenerated replies - e.g. out-of-office notices

  1. Clicked on a link - You can now track when people click on specific links inside your emails. For example, here is an email I sent yesterday to segment our mailing list according to their interests:
    Once a person clicks on a link, they are added to a segment. Here is how this looks in the app:


On the marketing front, I'm working on new "value prop landing pages". Basically, a landing page that targets a specific benefit/value of the product.

After speaking to 5 marketing experts, we came to the conclusion that our product is well presented but overwhelming. People get overwhelmed by all of the product screens and use cases. We're taking a completely different approach and focusing on a single use case instead.

I've been reading Breakthrough Copywriting and applying a lot of the copy formulas for this new landing page.

Hopefully, we'd be able to move the needle with this approach to value-based landing pages.

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