August 27, 2019

Update 53: More features, good feature velocity!

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Slav have been busy rolling out new features super fast!

  1. Wait step can wait until a specific time and day of the week: Previously, people that enter the “Wait” step could stay there for a specific period of time (e.g. 2 days). Now, people can stay in the wait step until the appropriate time to move on. For example, in B2B sales it doesn’t make sense to contact people during the weekends:

  2. This is a super advanced but very powerful feature! Control tags in your emails - You can now use Liquid control tags to show more relevant content within your emails. Here is how it looks in the email editor: It also works for content other than text: I’ve used images for the condition content but it can be any block or multiple blocks of content.


As far as marketing goes, last week I've worked on a new single value prop-focused landing page that you can check at The hypothesis was that users are overwhelmed by so many features and we should focus on a single-use case. So far this landing page is not performing a whole lot better than the rest with a CR hovering around 3.7%.

This week we're going to launch a couple of cold-email campaigns to specific lead segments and test new value props. Also, working on a new landing page.

Fortunately, we also have 2 new leads in the pipeline that we may be able to convert.

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