September 23, 2019

Update 57: Done for you client closed

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Hello Indiehackers,

I'm gonna keep this brief as it's already 9:30 pm here and I'm feeling knackered :/

Last week we officially closed the first done-for-you client (check out the previous updates to learn more about our done for you service program.) So far we're not sure if we want to pursue this service-based way of acquiring customers or focus on more scalable initiatives.

We also managed to close one small self-serve subscription client, and we have passed $100 in MRR now!

We're still far away from product/market fit and have a long way to go until we nail down our positioning but at least we're moving up slowly.


We also rolled out the regular dose of new features:

1 . First big one is the Page Visited Trigger step in the Flow builder. You can start a flow when a user visits a specific page on your site. For example, send an email when they visit the Pricing page. Best thing is this works with UTM tags, too, so you can target a specific campaign -

We also pushed “Has Visited Page” Filter step. You can use it, for example, to avoid sending an email to someone that has already visited a specific page. Say you want to promote a content piece to all blog readers that have missed checking your post.

  1. The other product update is this neat table re-arrangement feature - You can now hide columns from the People view and re-arrange them as you please. No more huge horizontal tables.

That's all from me for this week, folks! I guess not that brief...

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