September 30, 2019

Update 58: Email notifications feature

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Last week we started work for the Done-for-you client we closed the week before. I've been researching their business and did a preliminary feedback review of their onboarding flow including: website, in-app onboarding, messaging, emails, etc. This week I'm going to help them create a better-converting homepage and in-app onboarding flow, as well as start writing their email onboarding. In the meantime, Slav (my CTO) is working with their technical team to connect their app with Encharge so we can start getting their data in our platform.


On the product side last week we rolled out a new Action step — “Send Email Notification”

This step allows you to send internal email notifications to yourself or your team.

For example, when you get a new email lead, new signup, etc.
You can also use merge tags in the notification to provide more context.

This is the notification we have set up when we get a new sign up in Encharge:


I've also started writing a knowledge base for Encharge. Having a complex to use tools, we learned that we need to invest way more in educating users, hence having a complete documentation site is a must for us. You can check our Knowledge base here -

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