October 7, 2019

Update 59: Hyperise integration, KB, cust. dev.

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Happy Monday, Indie Hackers!

Last week we rolled out an integration with https://hyperise.com/ — Hyperise is an image personalization platform that allows you to create unique dynamic images for your subscribers. This means you can send personalized images to all of your subscribers in Encharge. But most importantly you can use personalized images to drastically increase your email engagement: open rates and clickthrough rates.

We published a case study on how Hyperise dog fooded their own solution and Encharge to increase Click-through rate 14x using image personalization + segmentation. Check out the case study here -> https://encharge.io/image-personalization-emails/ and learn how to integrate Hyperise with Encharge

We’ve also added a lot more content to our knowledge base - https://docs.encharge.io/ It’s still a long way until it’s completely shaped up but it’s a pretty good start.


On the business side, last wee we didn't convert any new customers. We have about 10 leads in the pipeline that went silent last week which is a bit discouraging as we thought those were hot leads.

Despite this setback, we've decided to double down on "Onboarding for SaaS companies" as the main angle/direction for Encharge. We're going to focus on recruiting more people to do customer development calls to understand better the problem of onboarding users for SaaS companies. We're actually going to reach out to some of you here :)

Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you have a live SaaS business and you're struggling to convert free or free trial users to paying customers. I'd be happy to learn more about your challenges and give you some free tips.

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