October 21, 2019

Update 61: Behavior-based events

Hello Indie Hackers,

There we go with another weekly update from the Encharge team.
Last week we launched 2 super powerful features. If you have a SaaS, mobile or other online product, now you can create sophisticated user and customer experiences based on what people do or don’t do in your app.
We rolled:

  • Event Trigger in the Flow builder - this new step allows you to start a flow from an event that you send from your app to the Encharge API. You can create powerful flows based on user behavior. For example: Send an email when a person logs into your app. Send a reward email when a user creates their first task. Tag people when they add a new team member. Display an Intercom in-app message when someone hasn’t done anything in your app in the last 7 days, and so on. See how it works here - https://cl.ly/e4541d714452

  • Track events through our Javascript Tracking code – now you can track events in your app and send them to Encharge using a Javascript Event Tracking. To learn how to implement the Javascript Tracking Code check out this documentation - Javascript Event Tracking


On the business side, our goal for this and next week is to convert a couple of the 10-15 leads that we have in the pipeline, which we've been struggling to do.

It seems like the leads fizzle out after what seems to be a positive consultation/demo call.

If you have any tips and suggestions on how to close more deals, follow-up and orchestrate the next steps with leads, please throw them our way.

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