December 2, 2019

Update 67: New post, more link building

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Happy Monday, Indie Hackers!

Last week was a lot like the week before. I've been writing guest posts and doing link building for a big part of the week.

Hoping to get mu Freshsales guest post live this week. We got a green light, so it's just a case of the Freshsales team finishing up the post illustration.

Also, awaiting Instapage to review my guest post by the middle of the week.

When it comes to content for the blog, yesterday I just finished a new post on targeted messaging. Feel free to check it out -


This week:

We're going to work on pivoting experiments. I'm going to review more info on that in the following weeks, but basically the idea is to reach out to new audiences in order to validate a different positioning/direction/USP for Encharge, as we've been struggling to get traction with our current positioning.

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