December 16, 2019

Update 69: We closed as a customer!

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

We managed to get to switch from Autopilot to Encharge. 🎉That's the first big win for Encharge since we launched in July this year.

Still, a long way to go. In terms of figuring out who we're selling to and what problem we address, and our solution. Yet, it's good to have these small wins from time to time, that help you get to the next stage.

On the marketing side, I've been working on the "aha moment" round-up post (check out my previous update) and had some great responses from successful SaaS companies. I hope to have it live towards the end of this week.

On the product side, Slav pushed live our Slack integration — you can now send Slack updates as a part of your flows.

This week:

We haven't put the plan for this week, yet. But we'll probably work on:

  • customer development outreach
  • content writing
  • Salesforce integration.
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