December 30, 2019

Update 71: Last update for the year

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Hey Indie Hackers,

It's the last work week of the year! It's also our IH update for us for 2019.

We've started documenting our progress with Encharge since August 2018 and have added more than 70 updates! We're super happy to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to share all of our challenges with you!

In the last couple of weeks of 2019, we've been working on our Salesforce integration. ETA for it is 7 January. Pretty pumped about this one!

On the marketing and sales side, we're launching 2 cold email outreach campaigns — one sales campaign and the other one, a customer development-oriented campaign. The sales campaign is already scheduled for this week, while I'm preparing the cust. dev. one today.

That is it from us for this year! I hope I get to share more of our stories in the year to come.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve

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