January 13, 2020

Update 73: The first published report on our blog

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Happy Monday, Indie Hackers!

Last week was pretty productive as we managed to send 2 cold outreach sales campaigns to a total of ~700 contacts. Unfortunately, the results from these campaigns haven't been great as we've got just 1 call out of these leads so far. :/ As of now, cold email proves to be a difficult sales channel for us with little to no results.

Apart from the lead generation work tied to these cold email campaigns, I've launched our first official report "How 55 Tech Companies Define the 'Marketing Automation Specialist' Role". After a week of analyzing job postings and compiling data, I'm happy to provide a thorough (and hopefully insightful) report that aims to clarify the nebulous field of marketing automation and more specifically the job of the marketing automation specialist.

Check out the post if you're curious to learn:

  • What responsibilities should a marketing automation specialist expect to have?
  • Should a marketing automation specialist have a good command of software tools?
  • What marketing and growth skills are in demand?

Check out the post here: https://encharge.io/marketing-automation-specialist/

On the development side, Slav has been pretty busy working on our Salesforce integration which will be ready by the end of this week!


This week:

  • I'm going to promote the report and execute some link building around it
  • Give Google Ads display retargeting a test run ($100 budget).
  • Go back to customer development discovery calls.

Wish you a productive week!

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