January 20, 2020

Update 74: Featured on Hackernoon

Kalo Yankulov @kaloyankulov

Happy Monday, Indie Hackers!

Yesterday we got featured on Hackernoon for Best Free Resources for Devs Bootstrapping Indie SaaS Startups in 2020.

Feel free to check out the post here https://hackernoon.com/best-free-resources-for-devs-bootstrapping-indie-saas-startups-in-2020-996m3xyr

The best part is that we didn't even aim to get featured. I just did a free consultation call with Travis. The benefits of sharing value for free!

Last week I was mostly focused on doing manual personalized link building outreach for the report that we recently published (https://encharge.io/marketing-automation-specialist) Hell, manual outreach is so tedious! It took me hours to send 70 personalized emails.

Not super happy with the results so far, we won 1 link and 2 potential opportunities, but this week I'm following up with everybody.

Apart from that, I had a couple of sales/qualification calls with prospects from cold email. The calls turned out to be more qualification than sales, as the prospects weren't that qualified or interested in Encharge. Cold sales outreach just proves to be a very difficult and inefficient channel for us so far :/

On the dev side, Slav was working on finalizing our Salesforce integration (almost finished!)


This week is going to be pretty hectic as I have 2 sales/qualification calls with cold leads and 2 sales calls with inbound leads. On top of that, we have a meeting with a new local customer that we're going to start onboarding this week.

We're also doing customer development calls in parallel.

Wish you a productive week!

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