Started Acquisition Channel Experiments

Here's our weekly update at our community for founders, Enter Network.

1) What did I work on last week?

✅ Put quite a bit of work into analyzing (the best) acquisition channels. We now have an overview of different acquisition channels, and I'll start experimenting with each of them on a pre-specified basis. That means e.g. post on Reddit for a week, see what happens, and on that basis determine whether to proceed or not. I think this will be very useful for our growth.

✅ Updated our entire content repository. We now have all our different videos/Q&As with expert entrepreneurs (on idea validation, marketing, sales, etc.) uploaded for our community.

2) What did I learn last week?

I learned that I have to limit the amount of calls/meetings I schedule on a daily basis. It happens too often that I have 4+ calls on a day, and this kills my productivity — and often these calls should not be the priority of my working day.

3) What am I working on this week, and what are my goals?

My goal for this week is to prepare for a ProductHunt launch, and make full use of our free Meetup Pro Trial membership. The idea is that we can use these two things to attract new members to our community.

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