September 21, 2020

Update 9: Building v3.0 of our Product

Jochem Gerritsen @jochemg

Here's our weekly update at Enter Network.

1) What did we work on last week?

✅ Contacted a few different potential participants for our mastermind groups. No sales so far, but I'm glad I got to do some sales again.

✅ Had a couple of very valuable conversations with fellow entrepreneurs. The conversations showed me that it may be better to work with a co-founder, and what Enter Network 3.0 will look like. I really want to make Enter Network into a paid community, and think I have a good plan on how to make this happen.

2) What are we working on this week, and what are our goals?

  • The most important goal for this week is to create a roadmap until the end of the year. I need to set up a high-level overview of what Enter Network 3.0 will look like, and then derive specific SMART goals from that overview. Then I can set deadlines for those goals, and have a clear point on the horizon to work towards.