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I decided to build Enterprise DNA, because I saw Power BI becoming a revolutionary tool, that all organisations around the world would use to optimize their data management, reporting, and data driven decision making.

October 2, 2021 Enterprise DNA Updates For September

The list of Enterprise DNA updates for September is amazing, showing us that we’ve really made quite an impact to the community of Power BI users from all over. Month over month, we strive to create initiatives that would keep us all learning from each other and improving in our craft, and September was a clear testament to how far we’ve gone.

Here are some of the things that happened in September.


September 14, 2021 August Monthly Update

A bit late this month, but another solid month of innovations and upgrades to our platform.

No one here at Enterprise DNA slowed down in August, as we continued to deliver new stuff that we know would be of high value to everyone in our community. In fact, we continue to expand our reach and bring more people into our circle, and we continue to see everyone improving day by day as we all learn the ins and outs of Power BI and other amazing data tools. Here’s a look at some Enterprise DNA updates for the month of August.


August 28, 2021 Launched new portal designs for our platform

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our user experience. Creating a more cohesive launchpad to all our features was an important piece of the puzzle.

We’ve recently launched a new look, which ties everything together and makes navigation far easier to all our content, resources, support and more.

Check it out

Membership platform

Center of Excellence

August 4, 2021 July Monthly Update

July was a great month for Enterprise DNA as we launched new courses, showcases and events. These Enterprise DNA updates show that we’re exploring every possibility to expand our reach so that we can inspire more people to maximize the possibilities that data can bring to their field of expertise


August 2, 2021 Strong overall month for July

What we did last month that worked.

  1. Ran a new sale strategy for individual courses
  2. Ran our best webinars, with highest engagement we've ever had
  3. Had strong renewals from corp. customers.
  4. Launched into udemy strategy for content
  5. Firmed on content plan for next 12-18 months...huge acceleration coming
  6. Began rebuilding Analyst Hub with new hire
  7. Nearing release of brand new customer experience through membership and CoE portals
  8. Working with new content partners to execute on content plan
  9. Planned out new scholarship and giveaway strategies
  10. Community initiatives including Challenges and Accelerator had biggest engagement ever. Looks promising for future.
July 19, 2021 Running trials of new email sales strategies

We’ve been trialing our many new sales strategies lately on email. Mainly seeing which discounting strategies seem to make a difference to sales and upgrades. It seems the bigger the discount the more likely customers are enticed to purchase. There’s nothing more important than mastering copywriting and showcases the value of you offering then hitting your connections with an amazing deal. All these combined make for a very powerful sales strategy

July 9, 2021 Starting running new community events

The key to boosting usage in our education platform we have found has been to create a community that draws users back more often to our site.

So we’ve worked hard to build up our forum and more recently create project based initiatives so users to test there skills.

We’ve seen huge traction with our Power BI Challenges and also Power BI Accelerator. In combination these have more than doubled our platform engagement

July 6, 2021 June Summary & Updates Coming Next Month

We started creating monthly updates about a year ago to keep track of everything we are doing but also let our customers know of all the changes to the platform.

We're always trying to innovate as much as we possibly can, around new; content, resources, offerings and more.

Plenty happening now and a lot more to announce soon.

Here's June update:



I decided to build Enterprise DNA, because I saw Power BI becoming a revolutionary tool, that all organisations around the world would use to optimize their data management, reporting, and data driven decision making.