September 5, 2019

Launched a Q&A Service for our audience

hj barraza @hjbarraza

Looking for faster growth revenue channel, we did talked to several of our most loyal newsletter subscribers.

It turns out that the most common profession is "Manager", and their most common challenge is lacking of experience or knowledge for specific situations.

Taking that in account, we offered to receive their management questions. The most common "specific" challenges where somewhere around

  • Hiring Well
  • Coaching well.
  • Motivating through constant change
  • Teaching Project Management and Accountability

Taking that in account, we then took some DEEP dives in all our paid content sources (HBR, SSIR, QZ, etc) to look for the best answers.

Then we synthesize our findings in a one page report, and share them in a private slack channel.

So far they like the idea of having a private community to ask specific questions and receive advise from other managers and expert conclusions from great paid sources.

We will now build at least 20 premium answers (developed by us, not the community) and start offering that as a premium service to our newsletter subscribers.

We are keeping the current revenue channel (ads and affiliates) on the free newsletter.

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