November 25, 2019

Eslayer Kickoff

Anas Latique @iamanas22

Hello IHers, my name is Anas, I am a web developer and UI/UX designer from Morocco, I started building Eslayer in October, which is an advanced market research and analysis platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs (only eBay analysis for now, it's going to expand to other marketplaces of course) to make their lives easier and save them tons of time and calculations! my ultimate vision for Eslayer is to be a hub for e-commerce entrepreneurs where they can analyze products and other stores/sellers, in addition to that, they can track their performance, and even have social interactions with other sellers around the world and share milestones and goals with each other, like a social media platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs! Website still not up, stay tuned for that! and stay tuned for more updates from me! I am excited to share with you this journey and very happy to find IHers! Thank you!

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