Released version 1.2

For various reasons, I neglected Estipad for well over a year. I’m very excited to announce v1.2, which includes many improvements. They’re mainly focused on getting more trial sign-ups.

Read more in the Medium story:


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    Nice work Pawel. I just read your post-mortem story from two years ago. I’m glad to see you are still keeping the fire alive and iterating on various parts of the user journey. I’ve followed and keen to see if your changes start generating traction. Best of luck!

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      Thanks, Tom! I appreciate the much-needed words of encouragement.

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    While I agree that not giving up is the best virtue after idea and execution, sometimes it may just as well be better off working on something else. I think the biggest reason people do not put in the same hours is the lack of traction and the reason may be there isn't a market for the product right now.

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      I absolutely agree. It’s hard pouring in hours when customers aren’t pouring in. But you have to persevere and focus on getting people to your site. Finishing a project is just the beginning.

      PS Your website URL with www doesn’t seem to resolve and without www is serving the default Azure certificate so it’s showing a security warning.

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        Oh I've already moved on from that.

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