December 25, 2019

Best Chrismas Present - sold a brand new plan, $79

Anton Fenske @fenske

This feels like a great way to end this year! 😌

Today some startup from Stockholm, Sweden (where I'm located 🇸🇪) bought CoreSkills' brand new "One Timer" plan, i.e. 1 real-world tech interview with a code review included.

I launched this plan specifically for startups as they normally don't have a hiring "pipeline" but rather hire quite seldom and oftentimes want to do tech evaluation of a particular candidate.

This lead came through my local network (which is how I've been acquiring my leads so far), so my landing page isn't really optimized for online lead acquisition just yet. However, version 1.0 is coming out soon. So stay tuned (if you care 😅).

Btw, I'm constantly refining interview challenges so if you want to give it a shot practicing/testing your software dev skills, feel free to drop a comment below and I'll share something exciting (I promise) you can spend your spare hour on.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄☃

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    How does code review work? Do you review it or it is automated, like

    I am interested in the interview questions if it is free

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      There are 2 parts to it: automated tests and a human code review. The latter one is either done by the company themselves or they can order it from CoreSkills.

      The CoreSkills code review is about 2 things:

      1. Make sure the candidate made a legit implementation (and not mocked all test responses or misinterpreted certain requirements).
      2. As every challenge is aimed at testing one or more system design principles (e.g. strong data consistency), the reviewer will point out at inconsistencies or ask a follow-up question to get data on whether the candidate really understands those principles well.

      What the code review is NOT supposed to do is nitpicking.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Great. 👍I'll need your mail to give you access. Feel free to DM.