November 15, 2019

500+ stars on Github... Is it a lot or nothing?

Ruslan Konviser @ever

Well, it takes us almost 7 months to get 500 stars @ Github :)

For sure, It's not any measurement of success, but at the same time, our project is not some crazy simple 50 lines of code drag & drop react library which everyone needs... It's alpha (not even beta!) version of the e-commerce platform, with tons of complex apps (web, mobile, etc)... for a very focused niche - on-demand apps & marketplaces.

We start getting LOTs of requests (daily!) on how to see the DEMO of the project, something we were expected, just not at this point... Thinking more about it, I see how stupid it was from our side... Open-source so complex project without the ability to quickly test it ... if only we make it before, we probably get 10K stars by now and maybe even lots of contributors... So that's something we are going to focus ASAP.

But still... we feel proud... 500 stars is enough for us to keep the motivation and continue that project! :rocket:... What's your experience? How "easy" to earn stars for complex projects on Github? Anyone?

Also interesting, if it's only us who just ignored a simple way to try & test app/project for so long? We hear a constant flow of "start charging money as early as possible for your product", but I never heard "make a demo & testing easy, even if your project is still in alpha..." ;)

Lesson learned... Maybe someone will also found it useful!

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