Finally open source 👐

everypage has always promised to be open source and today we are finally delivering on this 💃🕺


Go ahead and give it a ⭐️, we'd really appreciate it :)

This is a huge deal both for us and website builders in general. One of the biggest reasons we built everypage is that most other website builders (wix, squarespace etc) try to "lock you in". Whilst you can export raw html, css and js, they know this isn't really a very valuable feature cos if were comfortable with those you would use them anyway!

By open sourcing everypage's engine, you're now able to build websites with our visual editor and then choose to deploy them entirely yourself. You can even build your own custom components, embed them in everypage, deploy your own site and never even tell us!

So far everypage has been very developer focussed. Our focus in the coming months will be on making everypage more usable for non-technical users e.g. by creating more themes that you can use "out of the box". We'd love to hear if there are any interesting use cases you have that we could support 👀

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