November 5, 2019

Improved Usability, Speed & Design

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki

New Features:

  • Added import of custom Tempo fields
  • Added licensing model for Exply on Premises
  • Added System Information showing version and license
  • Updated ActiveCollab importer to work with versions 3, 4 and 5
  • Added Importer Status widget to see directly, if the shown data is up-to-date


  • Compatibility to JIRA 7.10.2
  • Completed a full React update
  • Improved the filter functionality of widget groups through a new '- Add Filter' button
  • Widgets can now be removed directly from the dashboard
  • Improved "My Profile"
  • Importer logs now contain a date
  • Improved formatting of custom JIRA fields
  • Selecting a different dashboard while editing a widget prompts a warning
  • Row Chart Widgets use short labels per default
  • Changing the default time selection now shows the new time span immediately
  • Improved the behaviour of the time selector widget to prevent a change of end date when setting a start date and vice versa
  • Changed Plus Icon in Row Chart Header to Filter Icon to make the function more clear
  • Fixed Start screen Menu Entry closes Dashboard Selector
  • Improved all used icons & removed unused font files
  • Restyled User Management
  • Disabled Guided Tour for the time being - will be replaced by a better one
  • Improved the widget editor style
  • Widget edit buttons are now only shown on hover
  • Duplicating a widget group scrolls down to the duplicated one
  • Snackbar notices about successfully duplicate widget group
  • Changed the widget resize handler
  • Promoting a widget group to be a global group moves it automatically to the top
  • Made widget preview in editing mode more clear
  • Restyled "Add New Widget" button
  • Added a confirmation dialogue to cancel dashboard editing
  • Added link to start screen in the menu
  • Moved save/cancel buttons to footer when editing dashboards
  • Changed label of the reset button to "reset filters"
  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements
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