November 5, 2019

More Operators, Filters, Full-Text Search, Improve

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki

New Features:

  • Directly find the dashboard you need with the Dashboard Selector Filter
  • Filter for Widgets, Groups and Dashboards now also provide: contains, ends with, matches, starts with
  • Select data in row charts using the full-text search
  • Check if data context is configured correctly for new users by switching into the user role


  • Fixed background scrolling in widget editor and dashboard selector
  • Significant reduce of disk consumption
  • JAVA memory settings tweaked
  • Notification when deleting a dashboard
  • Selected labels in row chart bars are now highlighted
  • Login page styling fixed
  • JRE in Debian package by dependency replaced
  • Current user in the user list is now highlighted
  • Users with no name are rendered correct in user-list
  • Better and simpler caching
  • Importer configurations with invalid schedule are now being rejected
  • Incomplete filter configs are now highlighted and the save button is disabled
  • Widgets now show the sum of values within
  • And more minor improvements
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