November 5, 2019

Selectable Timeline, Pivot-Functionality for Chart

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki


  • Timeline Chart now features selections. Seeing something suspicious in your time series data? Just click the corresponding time entry, or time span by holding shift to drill down.
  • Improved Quota Tile now states why it shows no quota, e.g. quota exceeded, past time span. By clicking the little info icon in the Quota Tile reveals additional info about the shown result.
  • Added pivot-functionality to Bar Charts
  • Added new Line Chart Widget
  • Added new Scatter Plot Widget


  • Improved value labels for huge numbers, e.g. Kilo, Million, Billion
  • Long widget titles now overflow on hover
  • Tooltips are now indicated by blue beacons and don't show up all at once
  • Added option to deactivate the Chat completely through the main menu
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in expected working time in Quota Tile
  • Fixed an issue that caused the importer to crash
  • Fixed a bug that Exply didn't ask to save Dashboards in edit mode when clicking on Exply logo in the header
  • additional minor fixes
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Today's Top Milestones
  • First sales! WHOO!!
    A user registered 2 weeks ago just bought a subscription, without even waiting for the trial period! Honestly, it feels euphoric how far we have come
  • Our first all-remote dance!
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  • Tripled our traffic in less than a month
    TLDR: - SEO - Quora - Product Hunt launch - Free Resource - Outreach We must admit, in the beginning of april we were pretty low. After spending month
  • 1000 Customers
    Using only SEO I got the first 1000 customers. I learned that the conversion from visit to trial and from trial to customer are lower than I expected.
  • Big day! Big launch on Product hunt!
    After waiting for so long and number of postponements, today I released Plenary on Product hunt to get feedback from fellow startup enthusiasts. Here
    The podcast hit 9,000 downloads. The free PDF of the podcast’s workflow may have helped Before my download numbers were starting
  • #1 on Reddit, & Posting on Product Hunt
    Today I posted a short video preview of a small feature I added to Keyframes - it uses your device's orientation sensors to adjust the CSS box shadow.
  • Starting our no-code agency
    In 2019, we bootstrapped No-Code Venture. A web agency focusing on no-code, coding for the future. We find developing without code more fun and faster
  • May VC Update
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  • Another couple of sales...
    I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend! Finn sure did - we logged another 3 sales last week for ~$4 in commissions. Baby steps, but still a posi