November 5, 2019

Sunburst Pie Widget, CSV Import & new Metrics Tile

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki


  • Added a new Sunburst Pie Widget to help you visualize your data in even more beautiful ways. Like the Treemap Widget, the -Sunburst Pie is very useful to show the relationship between all elements. You can also use it as a temporary filter by selecting a single element or using ctrl-click to select multiple tiles.
  • Finished the new CSV Importer originally introduced in Exply 3.14. You are now able to import every CSV file through the Importer settings and configure it completely within Exply.
  • Metrics Tile Widget now provides Min, Max, Average and Count functionality in addition to Sum. We also improved the overall styling.


  • Added the option to define a default sorting in Row/Bar Chart widgets. This also includes the possibility to choose whether the widget should show the top (default - by value descending) or flop (by value ascending) data.
  • Since Dashboard titles are required (Exply 3.15.0) they are now automatically selected, so that you can immediately start typing after adding a new Dashboard
  • Updated all Widget icons to be even more beautiful
  • Fixed the styling of the importer overview
  • Fix a bug in the license management where licenses without limit didn't allow new users to be added
  • Disabled repeat button in quota tile when there is nothing to repeat
  • Search in Dashboard selector now shows 'No Search Results' for empty search results
  • Empty dashboards now look better
  • Fixed position of floating action button
  • Added modal if a user wants to delete a widget group
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Exply UI to crash when the "Repeat for next time span" button in the Quota Tile Widget was pressed very fast consecutively
  • additional minor fixes
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