November 5, 2019

Tooltips, Live Chat & much more Help

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki


  • Added Tooltips to make it even easier to unlock the value in your data (can be de-/activated via the main menu or through the little bulb-icon at the top of each dashboard)
  • Added a Live Chat to make it even easier for you to get in touch with our support team
  • Changed the JIRA navigation entry from Exply to Charts & Reports and added options to directly open existing and create new dashboards
  • Added an Initial Configuration Wizard to the Exply On-Premises version to make the first steps with Exply even easier


  • Added a help section to the start screen for direct access to useful tips as well as the latest changes to keep you updated
  • Improved JIRA configuration screen including a new video tutorial on how to setup up the Tempo importer
  • additional minor fixes
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