November 5, 2019

User Management for JIRA & Excel Export Permission

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki


  • Decide which JIRA user or group can use Exply and fine-tune what is visible to whom.
  • Remember to grant someone access to Exply after updating - Exply is no longer visible to anybody by default.


  • Only Administrators can change critical settings in Exply and use the fine-grained Raw Data Excel Export.
  • A preconfigured Analysts group allows to access all data in Exply and configure Dashboards.
  • The Team Member group restricts access to own Work Logs and all Issues. Dashboards interact but cannot be edited.
  • Use the default permission configuration or create your own one tailored to your needs.
  • You can reuse your existing JIRA groups for Exply – no need to create new ones in JIRA.
  • You can grant customers access to single Dashboards showing only what you can show.
  • You can override the permissions of single JIRA users regardless of their group memberships.
  • You can grant or deny the full Raw Data Excel Export.
  • Use the shipped default configuration or consult our documentation.


  • Excel Export more stable, for dashboard results and raw data
    more minor fixes and improvements
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