November 5, 2019

Widget Explorer

Fabian Tschök @tschoeki


  • Completely redesigned the Widget creation in Exply with the all-new Widget Explorer.
    Simply select the values you're interested in and the Exply Widget Explorer suggests fitting analytics. The clou: you are always in full control. Already know what you want? Just switch to the "Advanced Configuration". Not sure yet? Experiment with your values, browse the different Widgets and add your favourite ones. You can also configure recommended Widgets at any time.


  • Multi-Value filter in Pivot table now works as expected if two or more value filters start with the same filtered item
  • Row & Bar Chart now also work perfectly with the same value field filtered multiple times in different ways.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL in JIRA Add-On Importer
  • More verbose logging after Exply installation
  • and way more
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