October 24, 2019

135 days left: Refined Architecture

Sean Johnson @BeLucid

It's been fairly slow going with mostly learning and research and experimentation on the new tech stack. I've bitten off quite a lot with so many net new pieces to me (Go, Elm, FaunaDB, Netlify/JAM).

I've not made a ton of progress validating the one pairing that seems the most tenuous to me, an Elm client to FaunaDB. I did chat with the FaunaDB CEO in their Slack about it. I have spent a lot of time working with and learning about FaunaDB, and it feels a bit early. I still like the project, but maybe better for a 2020 project.

So I have my first stack adjustment. Here's the stack I'm targeting now:

  • Client: Elm
  • Client Bundler: Parcel
  • Client (Elm) Testing: Cypress
  • DB: DynamoDB
  • PaaS: Netlify + Lambda + AppSync + Cognito
  • Lambda Language: Go
  • Server (Go) testing: ??

Go seems to have a metric ton of testing options. So I haven't nailed anything down there, but I'm not worried about it. Too few options is a problem. Too many isn't really an issue.

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