October 12, 2019

149 days left: Tentative Technology Decision

Sean Johnson @BeLucid

Spent the last couple of days checking over my notes where I capture things I want to learn, and doing research on them.

I'm torn between using a tech stack I'm intimately familiar with to speed things along, and using this project as a chance to learn things I've been wanting to learn. When it comes to new tech, the absolute best way to learn is to attempt to apply the tech in anger on something real.

You don't have a ton of chances to learn new things in that deep way, since most projects you work on are long term and the tech gets locked in fairly early. So I decided I can't pass up this opportunity, and that I'm going to use a tech stack built entirely off stuff from my "want to learn/try" list.

  • Web Client: Elm
  • DB: FaunaDB
  • PaaS: Netlify + Lambda
  • Lambda Language: Go

I've yet to decide on a CSS framework. Contenders are Bulma and Tailwinds.