December 20, 2019

Launched our iPhone App!

Jamie Halvorson @jamiehalvorson

After weeks and weeks of toiling away with designs, updating the backend APIs and building the UI out - our new iOS app is ready! You can check it out here:

The Android app is on its way, I'm currently integrating in app payments with Google Play and once that is complete the app will be ready to go live.

We've decided to keep the MVP very simple, it doesn't have feature parity with the web app yet. Some things that we need to add is the ability to watch a single class and add that class to your studio. For now we're focusing purely on our programmes.

We're going to start pushing our marketing efforts hard starting tomorrow. We've taken our foot of the gas the past few months and its time to put the the pedal to the metal. Hopefully we'll begin to see a big increase in numbers soon.