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Need to have an hugely simplified solution to schedule posts

September 7, 2019 Alpha version release: need feedback

TL;DR: It's a LinkedIn post scheduling app, try it on https://fablebeeapp.com and share what do you think!

It took a ~1 week to create the prototype, there are only a core functionality - connecting accounts and scheduling posts. I haven't implemented subscription plans yet, it will be in the next version. For now, I need to understand what could be improved, what maybe could be added in the next versions :)

There are two plans, both are free. If you have multiple LinkedIn accounts, choose the "Marketer" plan (also, there are 200 allowed posts per month).

Share what do you think!

August 27, 2019 MVP idea redesign

Meanwhile I was researching possible features for my future Instagram planner, I figured out it's not really possible to create one due to Instagram API limitations. I could use third-party services to do necessary stuff, but it's overcomplicated.
Then I thought I could create the same tool, but for LinkedIn. I want to keep the simplicity of the basic idea: just posts scheduling for the MVP.
So, the lesson is: do an investigation of technical implementation properly, especially if it concerns third-party APIs!

June 19, 2019 Coming soon page created

Created coming soon page. Was using basic HTML &CSS, added Google Analytics.
Currently I'm gathering a feedback on the page, it has many inconsistent design-related things, but the main goal is to clarify is it has all necessary information about the product.


Need to have an hugely simplified solution to schedule posts