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Fairpay is designed to empower you with enough actionable data to help you launch and manage your career.

⚡️ Power up your pay.

User #1

We had our very first user signup for our beta release. All premium features are free during the beta period.

Building Fairpay: Career Management & Analytics

Actionable data and transformational tools to help you launch and manage your career.

Fairpay.app redesign

Relaunched our landing page 🎉 Check out the in-depth feature details, blog integration, brand new pricing structure, and don't forget to sign up for early access!

Alpha v0.1.1 - Available!

We've just released a minor update to our Alpha version.

Some of the added functionality and fixes available right now:

  • Added calculated percent difference to prior year wages in 'Compensation'
  • Added conditions to email and password fields at login and signup screens
  • Overhauled 'Subscribe' page with clearer messaging and Features detail
  • Moved the Evaluation Checklist to the Evaluations section
  • Updated the 'Dashboard' page with a new Compensation summary and font color changes

Alpha v0.1.0 released

We've just released an update to our Alpha version and it's a big one!

Some of the functionality available right now:

  • Schedule an Evaluation
  • Delete an Evaluation
  • Ability to log your compensation and job title dating back to 2011
  • Visualize your compensation trends via a simple line graph
  • Added a user account page
  • Ability to delete your account
  • Ability to turn on/off 'Smart Reminders'
  • Achievements are now sorted in descending order by date of achievement
  • Added a 'What's New' welcome screen with a brief on improvements and bug fixes
  • Darkened the headers throughout the platform
  • Removed the 'Add an Achievement' popup, now you can add one right from your dashboard
  • Added a logout button, as it was accidentally removed

In the coming weeks additional functionality will be added to the Alpha version. Stay tuned!

300 visitors!

Immediately following our BetaList launch we hit 307 unique visitors in a matter of 1 week and collected 26 emails.

We saw a total of 192 pageviews come from BetaList itself.

We're on BetaList

We were featured on BetaList on 12/8 without much fanfare, our post landed 3 retweets and 6 likes on Twitter. Our BetaList page itself netted 4 likes.

Fairpay.app is live

We launched our landing page (fairpay.app) in early November, with a few screenshots of the mobile version of the platform. Mockups were produced with Sketch.

Fairpay is designed to empower you with enough actionable data to help you launch and manage your career.

⚡️ Power up your pay.