Got my first $COFFEES

🤣 I didn't know what to do until i try. I saw so many people launching and building awesome stuffs in the maker community.
I was stress and having mental health about my journey 10 years of Entrepreneurship. I had panic attacks & anxiety due to some workload. My world was trapped with silence due to burnout. I go online to find people on getmakerlog.com as well on twitter and on Maker's Kitchen Community.

💌 I chat with Jess Wallace a maker from UK share about my personal mental health problems and wanting to learn how to code. At the same time i was feeling very lonely and down. I don't know who to speak to.

☕ So she bought me 2 coffees: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/fajarsiddiq/post/49886

📹 In return out of my sincerity (which she don't request me to make a video) i made her a video for her Product Launch on Product Hunt. This is the skills that i got as a video editor. https://twitter.com/fajarsiddiqFS/status/1092479991978196992

👆🏻She launch a project called CoderStory.io
I was happy to get response from the engagement on twitter.

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