January 5, 2020

Decided to sell my Christmas gift idea

Simon Moisselin @askLafayette

Hello, IndieHackers community.

Here is the small story that makes me sell something on Gumroad today.

For Christmas, I have decided to make a unique gift. A card game where the cards were representing members of my family.

Since I am a Data Scientist, I have used an AI to generate cartoonish drawings, and the result was quite polished.

This gift was a huge success, and since then, I keep thinking of making this product available and sell this family card game for other families (of course, they should upload their family members' pictures).

I have just added a product in my Gumroad page, but the UX is not perfect since I first need to ask for 13 pictures of a family member, then run the AI to transform these images and present the output to the client, ideally before he decided to pay for it. This will be my next step!!

Let me know if you see potential in this!

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