September 7, 2019

Removed deadlines, and now I'm meeting them

Allison Seboldt @allison

Since starting my indie hacker journey, I've struggled with setting obtainable goals. It's been a source of great anxiety and strife. In the past year I doubled down on planning and road mapping, thinking I needed more structure like I had in my 9-5 job to be productive. Little improved. But about a month ago, I threw most of it out the window and took the "we'll get there when we get there" approach.

To my surprise, I have been SO much more productive! I still have a strong sense of where I'm going and what I'm going to work on, but instead of laying it out in a document and saying I will have X done by THIS date, I follow my intuition. When I finish a task I think "Okay, what would I like to work on next?" as opposed to "What's next on the list?". This has brought a lot of joy back into my work and I feel more motivated than ever. Last night I pushed out my latest sprint for Fantasy Congress, unknowingly meeting the deadline I had originally set for it.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 118 users and first paying customer!!
    My COVID passion project might actually be turning into a real product! This is a really exciting moment. Some quick context on this project. Mental m
  • Every Wikipedia article table is now an API!
    I added a free tool to this weekend. It lets you create an API from any article (as long as it contains at least one table
  • We just hit 30K Downloads
    We launched a habit tracker last year, it was a weekend project. Devashish wanted to learn Flutter and build a project for that, we just saw Kota Fact
  • Posted my MVP on IH to be roasted
    Made a post on Indie Hackers to get some feedback on the project, see what others have to say:
  • Perseverance and random dev notes
    And here it comes the tough part. Major features have been developed, along with frontend optimizations. Now it's time to make some promotion and star
  • Product Update #2
    This was sent out as a newsletter. Subscribe here. It's been a week since the l
  • Sharing on IndieHackers!
    I haven't launched this app yet - I was hoping that y'all could give me some tough love and feedback before taking it to a broader audience. I built t
  • Added the components to Codepen
    I'd been building this library of Tailwind CSS components out for a while. I was always rebuilding things between projects, and having these snippets
  • Back to the base
    I am finally back in London and I can start working on the site more regularly. For a start, I wrote a page with advices on how to reduce your accent:
  • 500+ Beta Users
    A single tweet got us to 500+ Most of it was because we used: - Interesting copy - Awesome video - Explicit call to action - Hustle and share with fri