October 14, 2019

Weekly Round Up: Oct 6 - Oct 12

Allison Seboldt @allison

This week was bittersweet. It was the first week of the alpha's Fantasy Congress "season" and I had a lot of momentum and hype built up. The wind was promptly taken out of my sails when I realized Congress was not in session though. Obviously, when Congress is not in session nothing happens in the game. I should have checked the schedule before setting up the alpha but I was so consumed on getting it up as fast as possible I didn't bother (plus they had only been back for three weeks since their previous 5 week vacation, what the hell!). Congress is scheduled to be back on the 15th. So hopefully this week makes up for the last one.

On top of that, I've been living off my savings for a year and a half and my nest egg is nearly spent. I've learned a crazy amount during this time and still think pursuing Fantasy Congress full time was the right choice for me. But I've decided to look for a part time programming job. It feels a bit like selling out. I tried to start Fantasy Congress as a side project while working 9-5 and I was miserable. I'm not great at splitting my time between projects. Even though I aim to get a part time job I'm worried Fantasy Congress will fall on the back burner and never be finished.

However, the one major highlight of this week came when I checked my Buy Me a Coffee page. A stranger had bought me a coffee and said they were anxiously awaiting the final product to use with their 8th grade classes. Seeing that made me feel, validated? redeemed? Not sure the right word to describe it. Regardless, after a week of feeling bummed out, this small act of kindness really lifted my spirits.