December 16, 2019

10th tool just released for my product!

Jonathan Gerbaud @JonathanGerbaud

I just released the tenth tool of my tooling framework for Android developers.

It took me a long time to build the base of the framework, but now that it’s rock-solid, I can build tools very quickly. Currently, I’m releasing more or less two tools per week, which is really a lot considering we (Android developers) don’t have a lot of decent tools to help us in our daily coding life.

It took me 6 months to release the first 6 tools, and another month to make 4 more.

So far, I’m not very active in the marketing domain. I know that Christmas is near and that most people are more preoccupied with looking for presents for their loved ones than to discover some tools from some unknow French developer.

I still have 0 users and I’m okay with that right now. I think that I can still code for 3 weeks since we’re in the Christmas period and no one has a penny to spare.

I will probably start getting serious about marketing around January 6th. This should let me enough time to devise a serious enough marketing strategy, as well as releasing a few additional tools to make my product the best on the market.