October 5, 2019


Stephan Arenswald @sarensw

It's been some troublesome months since I was finally able to finalize the next step. I had to go through a couple of things:

  1. Get clarity on the goal
    The biggest challenge was to narrow down what exactly FeatureNinjas is supposed to be. It was always clear that it is a service for feature toggles. But I wanted to have a clear distinction to the other services.

  2. Revamp the presentation
    I reworked the homepage to show the core value. Integration with GitHub. I created and published a YouTube video to give an introduction on how to quickly get started.

  3. Make a real-world integration
    To test the current version I also built FeatureNinjas now into one of my other personal projects. The toggle functionality is working fine.

  4. Get away from the beta status
    I didn't have much traffic by people interested in the beta. In fact, the interest was 0.
    With this clarification on the goal and the first life implementation on a website, I decided to go live now. Therefore, I removed the beta information and I'm now live with version 1.0.

All of this took me quite a while to think through.

The next steps will be to finalize the business application in Estland and finally get some customers on board.

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