August 25, 2019

Light Bulb Moment!

Cameron Brown @CameronBrown

I've got a very simple problem I want to solve: I want to get updates on news content that matters, but on my own terms.

I dislike feed readers. They're Yet Another App To Install, and are weak in the areas of searching and categorisation. So I built a tool to get updates sent to your inbox in (relative) real time instead. It makes sense for me, as the Inbox is already a place of work and has industrial strength tools for organisation.

But on a personal level? I just love the idea of building something useful for myself and sharing it with the world. Releasing a simple product that executes well on a pain point is something I've always been wanting to do. Well, here it is!

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    Is down/unreachable for me..

    1. 1

      Yep. It's not ready yet, didn't realise the page would go live straight away haha. Apologies for making you click by accident.

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        Hahah it’s ok.. just wasn’t sure if you knew it was down!