October 25, 2019

200 Users, New Features & Trial Conversions

James @jamesdevonport

We've managed to keep up the momentum of new user signups quite well this week following our Product Hunt launch.

We've been doing a lot more content pieces and direct outreach to try and keep things moving along.

We've also been focussed on converting all our free trial users to paid customers given that free trials are starting to come to an end.

We had some feedback that there were a couple of features that would help convince people so we've added those...

  • Downloadable versions of Story Slides, so you can easily use them on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc
  • Email notifications when new formats have been created
  • Image Autopilot feature - intelligently adds relevant stock images to your content to make it more engaging.

Next week we'll be focussed on conversions again, with all attention on getting first paid customers!

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