December 16, 2019

Launched on Product Hunt

Alex Fedorov @alex_f

We have been preparing for the product hunt launch already for a while. The hardest part was to create a video, a suitable description and the landing page for the product.

Our product launch didn’t explode as we would’ve hoped. In fact, it didn’t even appear on the home page of Product Hunt—not enough engagement score.

We did have a few interesting conversations and questions from the hunters and on twitter.

My assumption as to the reasons for the not-very-successful launch:

  • Our app becomes more valuable the more data it has, but to have the data people need to register and crowd-source it. So initially, the value of the app is almost zero. So anybody who signs up is making a leap of faith that it’ll be valuable for them in the future.
  • We didn’t have a huge list of subscribers that we can announce our launch to.
  • Our app maybe not solving any significant pain point or problem to warrant an exploding launch, or it doesn’t add much on top of what existing tools like (LinkedIn Salary or Glassdoor Salary Insights) give you.

The learning is to blog about our progress on this product and all our future products more actively (perhaps even every day), and collect as much feedback as possible from the future users as early as possible. Also, by doing this we hope to gain a small fan-base or a tribe, that will be interested in all our products and how we are making them.

Here is the link:

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