November 1, 2019

From idea to launch in 2.5 hours*

Kieran B @kieranball

I recently set myself a goal to launch 10 #nocode projects in the next year. My first,, is taking a little while so I felt the urge to prove I could actually launch something,... anything!

My partner and I have a 1-year-old daughter and frequently lament the gender bias that still exists across all forms of media. We asked our Instagram friends for recommendations of books, films, TV shows, podcast, and brands which promote gender-equality and stories of strong independent girls. The response was so good I decided to build a website where people could submit suggestions and view a curated list.

Using and, both for the first time, I was able to build the site in just 2.5 hours on a Wednesday evening. The slowest part was waiting for my custom domain,, to link correctly to the website, hence the asterisk* in the title of this post. By Friday morning it was up and running, thanks to some helpful customer service from Maarten at Table2Site.

If I get enough signups for the newsletter then my vague monetisation plan is probably affiliate links and newsletter sponsors. If not, at least I'll know I've launched something with the potential for a small positive social impact.

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