October 7, 2019

1 Website, 1 Newsletter, 3 Posts & 1 Proud Maker


It's been a week since I started working on Femtech Insider. A lot has happened since and I have had such a great time building out the platform!

Since this is the first time you're hearing from me, I guess I should introduce myself and my project a little more.

My name is Kathrin, I am currently based in Chiang Mai Thailand and I have spent the past view months building websites in the women's health space. The more research I did, the more interested I got into the innovation and tech side. I guess you can get the startup-per out of startup land, but the curiosity and interest in innovation will forever be part of me. ;)

I had the idea for Femtech Insider a couple of months back, but finally sat down to build it out last week. So what is Femtechinsider?

I like to describe it as a micromedia platform on all things Femtech. Right now features include a magazine, a database of 250+ companies (which I've reserached myself), a job board and a newsletter. I'd love to add a podcast eventually, but one thing at a time.

I just sent out my first trial newsletter this morning to a whopping list of 2 people (me and my dad... haha).

If any of you are interested in the topics of technology and women's health, want to give me feedback a follow, subscribe or like, I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for following along!

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