October 22, 2019

100 Unique Visitors!


Yes, I know... Traffic is a vanity metric and what really matters is revenue, BUT it's also about the small wins sometimes, right?!

So: I am happy to let you all know, that FemtechInsider.com has had its first 100 Unique Visitors Day!

Where's the traffic coming from? Mainly social media, some referrals, an organic visitor here and there.

Small, but steady. One step at a time. :) I plan to officially launch the site in about a month, so I'm really happy with the progress so far.

Got feedback? Questions? Let me know!

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    Congrats with a small win! This niche is not crowdy yet, you're really on time, keep goin!

    1. 2

      thanks for the encouragement!

  2. 3

    I'm here for the small wins :) BIG Congrats. The website could have easily been an idea still lurking in your head but it's real now.

    1. 1

      totally. i actually decided to join the #womenmakechallenge, which runs all of october and built the site as part of that. it's such a great initiative. it motivated me to finally start and i'm so happy i did!

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    Celebrate small achievements always.
    Good for a start but also focus on the important metrics.

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    Well, what matters is profit ;) but congrats! 100 visitors a day is a huge achievement and a good sign you're moving towards something bigger. Good luck with the websites :D

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      haha!! you're totally right! i guess when you have neither, you don't yet notice the difference! :D

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    Congrats! It's a start and keep building on that.

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      yes! thank you for the encouragement!! :)

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    Great initiative! +1 And what was your first steps?

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      i think what really helped was community. my latest article went viral-ish and has been shared a lot on social media (linkedin and facebook). this brought in most of the traffic. i think i'll get to 250 uniques today actually. but it's more of a "one off" and not yet consistent traffic, so even though i'm excited, i know the traffic's not here to stay. :)

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    +1 visitor ;) nice job & thanks for sharing your win!

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    This put a smile on my face. BIG congrats and keep up!

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      thank you for your kind words, Kristijan!! one moment to celebrate and then back to the hustle, right?! :D

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    Congrats, that is an awesome achievement! Also, I love this project and would love to collaborate if you're interested. I am the founder of two ventures for gender-marginalized individuals in tech, serving a community of over 10k students, and I'd love to be able to help you evangelize your platform. Free free to email me at [email protected].

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      thanks so much for this offer, fiona! i'll be in touch!!