September 25, 2019

Finished team-integration features

Mirosław Farajewicz @mfarajewicz

I finally finished the long-waited feature in
Extension got the possibility to share stuff between co-workers.

Right now if you click in UI of your app (mostly local and test instances) and you need to do anything that requires stroking the keyboard, you may do it manually or using the extension.
If you do it manually you waste more time and don't reuse a work done by other people. With this feature you:

  1. Setup team once - invite co-workers, specify your app domains
  2. Anytime you had to fill something that may be shared you save it with Filly
  3. Anytime someone needs the same part of the app filled, instead of doing it manually, he/she restores your work with one hotkey.

This feature was really a pain in the ass for me as kind of synchronization is pretty hard to achieve in Chrome extensions.