December 24, 2019

Released our MVP.


Upon releasing my MVP 3 weeks ago I had 0 customers on launch. I have currently built that up to 8 customers, among which 2 are paying. I have also grown my Instagram page @filtar_news to a little over 9k which I have been using as my main funnel to guide users to my site. After acquiring user feedback from customers I removed the main feature of my application and simplified my app further while implementing new features every couple of weeks which lead to one of those users who provided the feedback as my first customer. I am trying to get my Insta to 10k so I can run promos on my stories along with the added swipe up feature which you get at 10k followers. This will allow me to funnel Some of the 2-3k users who view my story to my site. The biggest tip I have for growing your Insta is to get larger accounts to shoutout your smaller account. Some shoutouts I gained over 1k followers in a day.

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