January 16, 2020

Two new customers yesterday!

Romain Carpentier @Pixcoder

This is the email I sent yesterday to my small email list of ~40 subscribers:

The goal was to make a BuiltWith alternative.
Another way of finding leads, sorted by 915 technologies. I honestly think I did it!

Nowadays the landscape is full of LinkedIn / email finder / website visitors b2b lead gen tools.
If you are prospecting, this is good news! For not too much, you can have your pipeline full every day of the week.

The problem is: every company is solicited too often...
What I've found in the past weeks is that there are some companies who are not solicited yet. They receive less cold emails.

Often they are smaller companies not yet listed on LinkedIn using weird technologies (for ex LearnyBox users in France, 50% response rate on one of my personalized email campaigns). They even reply when their email address is [email protected].

Depending on what you offer and the price point, it can be an opportunity.

This is what you can find in the new revamp of https://findmassleads.com/. For the cost of two movie tickets.
Now you have all the data you want. As many leads as you want. Resell all the lists you want.

For the love of data,
Romain Carpentier

PS: thank you for playing with findmassleads. Would be glad to hear about your lead generation needs. You can reply to this email.

Where do these 40 subscribers come from? I launched findmassleads ~4-5 months ago and some people subscribed to try the tool.

It was not working.

Even though I had a first customer in August (from cold emailing, I got really lucky!!!), NO CUSTOMER AT ALL since!

Arf! After 9 months of hard work, after ~700 cold emails, I felt disappointed. And tired also.

Maybe the price was too high.
Maybe the competition is too high.
I think it's both.

In fact, during 2019, I noticed how the space is CROWDED with b2b lead gen tools.

But the problem of lead gen is BIG. And still not solved.
Yesterday again, a friend of mine told me how unsure he is about the ways to get customers...

But I made a big mistake: I did not take the time to really study the competition in March 2019 when I started.

So I had to make a change...

I decided to slay the price (is it even English to say that :)?).
And get rid of the credits. So now it's unlimited.

I had to make a radical decision. Not a small edit.

To be honest, I don't know yet if I'll be able to sustain the "unlimited thing"... Usually it's not a good thing to just lower the price.

But maybe in my case, it was needed.

And yesterday, I got my first two customers at $20/m :D! I was happy. Of courses it's not much, but it's something.

That's it guys. Wanted to share the story with you. Good luck with your project.
If you are in the B2B online space, take a look at findmassleads.com. It may help you get prospecting data :)


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