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Writing integration tests is time-consuming and complex and doesn't consider where most bug occur - in the browser. Firelab provides continuous, automated end-to-end testing for developers.

July 28, 2021 Launched on Product Hunt!

Get stressed when users complain your app is broken?

Me too.

So, I built no-code testing tool that helps eliminate bugs in your web app. You don't need to learn complicated testing frameworks or write any code to use it.

It's launching on Product Hunt today and you get a 50% discount for 3 months plus 100 FREE tests ⬇️

April 23, 2021 LAUNCHED: Run Browser Tests on Code Change

After launching continuous tests that run on a schedule to detect bugs and errors in web applications; I'm delighted to announce that now supports CI/CD testing with a new Github integration.

How does it work?

  1. Create an automated test using the UI builder. No code required!

  2. Connect your GitHub account and select a repo/branch.

  3. Your automated tests will trigger as soon as you commit a code change and you'll get an email notification if your test fails.

March 8, 2021 First Paying Customer

It's the most exciting moment in every product's journey.

Firelab acquired it's first paying customer over the weekend 🥳

Just 105 days since first line of code.

The customer is an existing customer of my product and was trialling the Firelab beta.

Lot's of hard-work ahead but the early validation from the first users has been incredibly positive 🚀

February 12, 2021 Launched Screenshots for Automated Browser Tests

The past few weeks have been testing, talking to customers and collecting feedback.

One of the big friction points when creating an automated test is not being able to see what's happening in the browser.

Today, I've added in the ability to take a screenshot when a test is executed so users can see exactly what's happening under the hood.

February 4, 2021 First 10 Users (In 1 Week)

Last week I launched a private beta of Firelab, just 67 days after my first commit.

Today, I'm delighted to have my first 10 users onboard trying out the product. Onboarding is a bit slower than I planned (I got distracted with moving plans).

Most importantly, some of these users are actively using the product on daily basis and getting value from it 🥳

Next step: iron out small UX issues, implement a few feature requests and then start onboarding users to a paid plan.

January 25, 2021 Launched Beta + Got First 3 Users

Today marks 67 days from my first commit, and I'm super excited to have my first three beta users onboard.

Firelab helps product owners to discover software bugs through continuous, automated testing.

Unlike unit or integration tests, which don't represent a real user's experience, Firelab simulates real interactions in a browser for complete end-to-end testing.

Set the tests up once, and get notified as soon as there's a problem in your app without spending hours running through browser tests every time you ship an update.

Find out more and join the private beta:

December 5, 2020 Built MVP for Automated User Testing

Fed up spending an excessive amount of time test user flows in the browser, I decided to build a tool to automate this process and save me hours of time every week.

I write unit and integration tests - but neither of these account for where most bugs occur and where it matters most - in the browser. User's don't care if server code is functioning if the request never makes it to the server.

Firelab is a no-code tool to automate end-to-end testing from user interactions in the browser to API responses from the server.

How It Works

  1. Record user interactions using the Chrome Extension

  2. Schedule these interactions to run as continuous tests and monitor responses for errors

Find out more & request early access 👇

Writing integration tests is time-consuming and complex and doesn't consider where most bug occur - in the browser. Firelab provides continuous, automated end-to-end testing for developers.